This pak... it's not very big in disk space size (about 35MB), but it's got A LOT of stuff in it. So if you wanna download it, the button is at the bottom of this page, and it's probably gonna take a good long while to scroll all the way the fuck down there, hehe. Also, due to the enormous amount of "STUFF" in this pak, there's gonna be a fuck-ton of preview images on this page. It'll probably take a while to load it all, so be patient.

This is definitely my most ambitious Quake2 pak to date. It contains a whole buttload of custom models that I designed and textured myself. But it also contains a few models that I did NOT make myself and merely modified the textures a bit. Some were already available for Quake2, some were taken from paks meant for Quake3 and converted to Quake2 MD2 format. I'm not trying to take credit for anyone elses work though, so I'll try to indicate which models ARE and ARE NOT my own and any other particulars in the descriptions above each preview image. And before I go any further, let me make one thing perfectly clear about this pak...


Most (or all, not sure) of the models skins have properly color indexed PCX versions in the folder, and many of the "pics" items have PCX's as well, but they were not converted to PCX with the proper transparent alpha color background. So if you attempt to use this pak with the stock v3.20 client, be entirely prepared to be eye-raped by rampant vehement ugliness. By the way... if this describes YOU, then why the fuck are you still using v3.20? Get with it, man! It's 2015! Get a fucking updated client already, you jackass!

So without further ado, let's start digging into the "pics" portion of this pak...

The desktop and in-game screen resolution that I always use is 1280x1024, so this conback is the same size. If you're using a resolution smaller, larger, or widescreen, I think this conback "should" always stretch to cover the screen corner to corner no matter what. As you see, my console background looks like an Immortal Reapers 3-piece MC patch with top and bottom rockers. Cool, huh? If you're not in |iR| and wanna use this pak but don't care for the console background, either swap it out yourself for something else or PM me on the forums and maybe I can temporarily upload a version of this pak for you with whatever conback you want.

This is what the main menu will look like. It took a good bit of work to edit this up. My PhotoShop skills are pretty crude and self-taught, but it gets the job done. The background image you may recognize from Slayer's Divine Intervention album cover. Scrolling over the selections turns the text from gray to red with a white glow. The cursor is a gray skull with blinking red glowing eyes and the mouth opens and closes. Unfortunately I wasn't able to make the cursor have a transparent backing without weird lines appearing in-game on the right edge of the image, so if you bring menu up when you've got a map loaded, you'll notice a black box around the skull. Nothing I can do about it. Deal with it, kids.

Not going to include a preview image of the sub-menu manners. They're nothing impressive. Just gray letters look like the ones on the main menu. No fancy images on the sides like I normally do. Was kinda rushing to get this out when I got to this point, so I didn't get fancy. Oh well.

Again, when I got to this point, I was kinda rushing, so I didn't get really fancy or imaginative with inventory menu. Still, it looks pretty decent. Defeinitely better than the stock bullshit that comes with Quake2.

For the first time in a while, I actually made a crosshair for this pak. It's nothing too fancy or colorful. Just a semi-transparent white circle with a dot in the center and lines on the circle at the 12, 3, 6, and 9 o'clock positions. I made it to be pretty accurate when firing from the CENTER gun position, so if you're one of those dorks that use right or left handed gun positions... YOU MISSED ME, NEWBIE!

The conchars in this pak got a good bit of attention. You would not fucking believe what an utter and complete pain in the ass it was for me to make these, so enjoy them. The size of the PNG version is 512x512, big enough to provide great resolution for anyone no matter how large their monitor, resolution, or hudscale size is (I use gl_hudscale "2"). The entire conchar map has black backing on all the letters and characters to help it stand out better against anything it's laid over so it's easier to read.

The health/ammo numbers are the same font as the conchars with a 3D bevel effect and solid black outline to help them stand out better. (They DO NOT have solid white backings to them, I just used the white behind them in the preview image to make the black outline visible.)

The health icon is a beer mug with a red cross a black glow around the edges. I did the black glow around most of the PICS files instead of a solid black outline because it just looks cleaner and still allows the images stand out slightly against the map in the background.

The armor icons are very simple. Again, when I got to this point I was kinda rushing and didn't get too fancy. Just colored shields. The TDMers and duelers might appreciate these though. Simple and good looking.

The ammo icons are made to match the ammo pack models they represent, which we'll get into later. Pretty simple. Bullets are 7.62 rounds. Cells are gasoline cans. Grenades are pin & lever style frag grenades. Rockets are... rocket propelled exploding dicks. Yeah, that's pretty fucking childish and immature, but that's me for ya, hehe. Shells are Winchester SuperX 12ga shells. Slugs are 50BMG rounds.

The weapon icons are also kinda/sorta made to match the weapons. By the time I got to the weapon models (after ALL the other models), I wasn't really in much of a mood to spend a lot MORE time doing each one of them the way I wanted to. So I didn't get to do all of the weapon models to match the icons exactly - some do, most don't. Anyway... the blaster icon is a Glock pistol. The shotgun is actually a modified picture of a pump shotgun to slightly resemble the model I used for the SG. The super shotgun is a sawed-off side-by-side shotgun to match the model. The machinegun is an AK47. The Chaingun is the same old minigun picture I've used in previous paks. The grenade launcher... something, I forget, fuck it. The RL is your regular ole standard issue Taliban RPG with a big ole dick on the business end of it. Yeah. Nice, huh? No, it's not a picture of MY dick. Which made making it all the more awkward. There I was, looking for pictures of dicks on the internet to download and edit to make this shit. I'm not gay. I just have a very warped sense of humor. Anyway. The HB is a flamethrower. The RG is a Barrett sniper rifle to match the model. The BFG is a skull with a radiation symbol on it's cranium.

The powerup icons are made to match all the models they represent. All of them are nice looking high resolution images except for the powerscreen. I didn't do jack shit with that model because it's so infrequently used in Quake2 maps. That's why that one icon image looks a little smeared, because even though the icon is hi-res, the skin on the model is the crappy stock one that looks horribad.

The single player key icons are basically all the same icons that I used in my previous USMC Vietnam Tribute pak. I modified them slightly to use black glow around the edges for a cleaner look rather than solid black outlines like before.

Scoreboard tags? Yep, we got 'em. Granite stone tiles with a Slayer Divine Intervention pentagram chiseled into the #1 tag.

The help menu is very similar to the inventory menu. Basically I made this help menu first, and then modified it slightly to be used as the inventory window. Unless you play single player or coop, this item will never be used or seen.

That about does it for the PICS stuff. I didn't modify the BFG sprite ball this time for this pak like I did with the last one. There's really no point in it. R1Q2 uses green lighting underneath the sprite image, so it's hard to color the energy ball anything other than green.

Okay... this part is gonna be EXTENSIVE. Lots and lots and lots of models in this pak. I think I counted something like 35 different preview images covering all the stuff in this pak. It took MONTHS of work to do all this stuff, so hopefully someone besides me gets some enjoyment and use out of this Quake2 pak either as a whole or in parts.


So let's start this shit with the weapons I guess. I didn't do shit with the in-hand 1st person view weapons because I fire from the center position which removes the gun muzzles from the view. And that's probably how most people SHOULD start playing if they don't already. The guns cover about 25% of the screen space in some cases and obscure your view of what might be going on around you. I also didn't do anything with the player model viewable weapons. So all the other player models you see in-game will still carry around the stock vwep models and skins.

The only weapon models I did anything to are the weapon pickup models that sit around the map. Obviously I didn't do a blaster model because you fucking spawn with that shit. Few things in life are 100% free. So appreciate your blasters, people. Show them love. Talk to them. Whisper sweet things to them. Give them a name. I call mine "Leroy". Where's my crazy pills?

As I said earlier, I'll indicate which models I made and which ones I borrowed from other places and any other pertinent information about what I did to them. The shotgun model I DID NOT MAKE. I can't remember exactly where I got it from or what game/mod it was originally designed to go with. But I ended up shortening the barrel to be the same length as the shell tube, and then I scaled down the length of the whole model to be about the same length as the original Q2 shotgun. That's why the buttstock portion looks a little oddly shrunk and stubby.

The super shotgun model I DID NOT MAKE. I did modify it though. Originally, it had a buttstock on it like the shotgun above, but I cut that part off and sealed up the hole it left in the back of the handle.

The machinegun model is from the hi-res model collection I've used in all my previous paks. I DID NOT MAKE this model. I did modify the skin for it though. I added wood textures to the buttstock, grip, and forward grip areas. Orignally, I wanted to make my own AK47 model for this weapon, but didn't feel like taking the extra time to do it.

The chaingun model is also from the hi-res model collection I've used before. I DID NOT MAKE IT. Once again I modified the skin to color it up a little differently.

I had another pre-existing model that I planned on converting from MD3 to MD2 for this particular weapon, but I wasn't able to combine all the different skins and texture mappings for it successfully. It would have looked very similar to the GL weapon icon you saw above. So instead, I used the same old hi-res grenade launcher model I've always used before. I DID NOT MAKE THIS MODEL. But I did modify the skin to re-color the various parts differently. It's also loaded with a grenade shell that's colored to match the grenade launcher projectile models I made. You can just barely see it sitting in the breach in the preview image, but it's there.

The rocket launcher model is "basically" the same hi-res rocket launcher I've always used. I wanted to make a model that looked like an RPG launcher with a dick on the end of it just like in the weapon icon you saw earlier, but I didn't. Instead, I took a shortcut and modified the hi-res RL model to have a dick hanging out the end of it and a few dicks on the loading rack. "Dicks on the loading rack"... probably the first time in the history of mankind someone's ever written that phrase, hehe.

The hyperblaster model is the same old hi-res hyperblaster model I've used several times before, which I DID NOT MAKE, but I did re-color the skin for it a bit.

The railgun is another model I converted from Quake3 MD3 to Quake2 MD2 format. It's a Barrett 50cal sniper rifle just like the US troops in Afghanistan use to pop the heads of the filthy indigenous disagreeable people they meet in that part of the world. I DID NOT MAKE THIS MODEL. I "might" have modified it slightly though to make it a little shorter in length. Honestly, if I did shorten it at all, I didn't shorten it quite enough because it's still a bit too long. The muzzle and buttstock sometimes overlap into walls as it spins if it's positioned close to a wall or corner.

The BFG model is exact same hi-res model I've used in paks before. I DID NOT MAKE THIS MODEL. I did modify the skin a tad though. I didn't colorize it at all, but I did darken it up a little to make it not look quite so whitewashed like before.


So next I suppose we'll move into the ammo pack models as well as the matching projectile models.

First of all, I did new bullet pack models. These are made to look like real-life boxes of Winchester PDX1 Defender 7.62 split core hollow point bullets. I MADE THIS MYSELF. You think I just took a picture of the box from the internet and slapped it on there? Hell no! It took a good bit of editing and drawing and shit to make it look like that. It doesn't look like much, but trust me, it took a lot of work to get most of these custom model textures looking as helf-decent as they do.

I originally wanted to make a flamethrower model for the hyperblaster model, but I got lazy and didn't do it. But I did make a gas can model to replace the plasma cell ammo packs. Maybe at another time, I'll actually make the flamethrower weapon model, at which time these ammo packs will make more sense to use in Quake2.

I made all new grenade ammo pack models to look like modern frag grenades. I kinda half-assed this one though because I could've and should've made it look much better. There should be more detail modelled into the lever countours, and there's also no fucking pin ring to pull hanging off the side like there should be. Oh well. It still looks kinda decent.

I also made projectile models for the grenades. The hand grenade projectile models are simply scaled down versions of the exact same grenade ammo pack models. No pin ring in this one? No problem, you already threw it, so it makes sense that it doesn't have a pin in it. The lever, however? That should've popped off when you threw it. But I didn't feel like taking the extra time sawing it off the model and then redoing the skin texture to remove the shadow that the lever leaves on the main body of the grenade. My bad. Also, a shoutout and a special thanks to both BOBBYEVIL and Barton for helping me out with taking screenshots of the projectile models in use.

I also made grenade launcher projectile models to look like modern 40mm grenade shells that might be used in a Mk19 grenade launcher. I really like these things. The blue tips on them make them pretty visible in-game and they also have a slightly wider diameter than the stock grenades, so they are a little easier to see and dodge, at least in my opinion.

I made new rocket ammo packs. It's a bag of dicks. If you're familiar with the stand-up comedy of Louis CK, you've probably heard his bit talking about how someone once yelled to him in traffic, "GO SUCK A BAG OF DICKS!", and then he goes on to wonder what that bag of dicks he's been instructed to suck might look like. So that's kinda where the inspiration for this came from. Don't like it? GO SUCK A BAG OF DICKS!

And to match the bag o dicks rocket packs, you also have rocket propelled WEENERS to shoot at people. HOW FUCKING COOL IS THAT!?! SHOOTING DICKS AT PEOPLE! "I DON'T LIKE YOU, HERE'S A DICK IN YOUR FACE!" It's great! Each rocket comes complete with it's own set of testicles and veiny shafts. Sorry, it only comes in "white man's dick." I could've made black dicks, but... they would've been much much larger and probably deemed a cheat model. Try not to get hit with these. They aren't wearing rubbers and you might get pregnant. There's also the risk of E-herpes.

I made new shotgun shell ammo packs to look like boxes of Winchester SuperX 12ga 00 buckshot shells. The model itself was simple as shit to make, but the skin took a lot of time to make. I actually had to make 98% of the label from scratch just like I did with the bullet pack skin.

I made uranium slug ammo packs to look kinda like real-life boxes of Hornady 50BMG bullets. Again, the model was simple to make, but the skin took lots of time and work to make entirely from scratch so that it would look clean and clear.


Next, we'll cover all the various health pack models...

To start off, how 'bout a swig of some whiskey? This was the very first model I made. Well... not the very first, actually. This is actually the 2nd version of this model that I made. The first one was HORRIBLE and the main part of the bottle and the neck were 4-sided squares that looked like absolute SHIT. It was a learning experience, and I got more familiar with the modelling program, and immediately redid the model to make it look more like an actual Jack Daniels bottle. Anyway, here's what the stimpacks look like. There's some kind of weird line on the texture just above the label on all 4 sides of the model. Dunno what that is about. It's not on the skin image. I didn't feel like digging into what was causing it to try to correct it. Might've been the model program I used. I used QuArK to make the model for this one as well as the megahealth model, whereas I used MilkShape3D for all the others. Might be a problem caused by QuArK. QuArK has it's uses, but MilkShape is a MUCH better program that's much easier to use in my opinion.

Next, how 'bout some cheap shitty light domestic beer? I made the small health packs (+10) to look like a 6-pack of Miller Lite. Good thing about this model is that if you don't like Miller Lite (and WHO DOES?), you can always Google up some more images to paint over the skin and turn it into whatever kind of beer you prefer. Or gimme a holler on the Tastyspeen forums and maybe I can make you a skin to replace it with.

I made the large health packs (+25) to look like a 12-pack box of Heineken bottles. Once again, the good part about this model is that it can be reskinned to look like tons of other kinds of beer boxes. So if you want to use this model, but would much rather have something else instead of Heineken on it, gimme a holler on the Tastyspleen forums and maybe I can make something else for you if it's not too hard.

Next,... you potheads are gonna love this one. I made the adrenaline model look like a big fat pot leaf. It's not quite as detailed as I would've like to have made it. I wanted to put all the ridges along the edges of the leaves, but that would've made a bazillion triangles and put a bazillion different angles all over the model, and it probably would've come out of the modelling program looking like mangled mashed-up shit once it converted to MD2. So I went as low-poly as I could and it still looks pretty decent. Toke up, bitches!

And finally, I made the megahealth model look like a great big bottle of Jagermeister. This was the 2nd model I made, and I didn't get too much into detail on the skin texture like I probably should've. Most of it is all one flat color of green with no highlights or shadows, but it still looks like a Jager bottle for the most part, so who cares.


Now, we're gonna cover the different armor models. Most of these I didn't make myself. Again, by the time I finished doing all the other models, I had already spent so much time on this pak that I decided to stop making more and just use what was already out there. Besides, I didn't really have any good enough ideas about what to do with new armor models, so I just didn't really feel it was necessary to make any.

In this pak, I once again used the reskinned stock jacket armor with the hi-res camo pattern that was featured in my previous USMC Vietnam Tribute pak.

I also used the same old hi-res combat armor model that I've used in all my previous paks. I DID NOT MAKE THIS MODEL. But I did modify the skin a little to re-color parts of it.

I also used the same old hi-res body armor model that I've used in previous paks. I DID NOT MAKE THIS MODEL. But I did modify the skin to re-color the different parts.

This is the one armor model that I DID make myself. I made the armor shard models look like Harley Davidson shield logos with a luxurious black leather textured shield portion. Ooooo, fancy.


Finally, we're gonna take a looksie at all the powerup models.

Firstly, I created a new ammo backpack model to look similar to a Condor brand 3-Day Assault backpack (Google it, son). I actually own one of these things to carry all my shit around in when I'm out hunting whitetail deer in the fall and winter.

I didn't make anything for the powerscreen model. It's rarely used on any maps in Quake2 that I know of, and it wasn't even included in any part of Quake2 single player even though all the data for it was apparently left in the pak0.pak of the game upon release.

But the power shield is used a good bit on several maps in Quake2 multiplayer. Instead of making a model from scratch, I just wanted to use the stock model but make the skin for it become something I could resize to make it higher resolution. So I ended up having to COMPLETELY remap the texture vertices of the model file in order to arrage them in a way where textures would display on the triangles without warping like they do with the bone-stock models. So "technically" this is a "new" model. The model vertices are all the same, but the skin mapping data contained in the model is brand new. The skin itself, I had to make entirely from scratch to closely resemble what the original one was supposed to look like. Turned out pretty decent, if I do say so muhself.

I did the same thing with the bandolier model that I did with the power shield. Used the stock model, but completely remapped the layout of the triangles on the skin texture so that I could make a higher resolution skin without anything appeared warped and smeared. The idea was that these could also be used by anyone who ALREADY uses the basic unmodified hi-res model pak to round out the collection by adding these hi-res skinned items to it which were never included in it for some reason.

Once again, I did a complete texture remapping for the stock envirosuit model and created a brand new entirely from scratch high resolution skin texture for it. Wasn't easy AT ALL. Doesn't look perfect, but it looks a helluva lot better than the crappy one that comes with Quake2. I also took a few artistic liberties on the back of the tank part as you can see. Added some indicator lights, gauges, knobs, and doo-dads.

The invulnerability model is the same old hi-res invul model I've used in several paks before. I DID NOT MAKE IT. But I did modify a few things on it. I ended up modifying the skin mapping a little. It was originally poorly mapped around the teeth on the skull, and I remapped it to where the teeth would display properly. I also re-colored the skull to make it whiter than before, colored the wings to make them a brighter cleaner red color, and added some red glow to the inside of the eye sockets.

I made brand new quad damage model for this pak. A Slayer crossed swords pentagram with eagle talon sword handles jutting out of it. It took a lot of work and several tries on different versions of this model, but I finally hammered one out that worked for the most part. Wasn't easy, and it still has several whomper-jawed looking parts here and there on it, but it basically looks like how I wanted to. Unfortunately, the shapes of models can often become skewed when converting the design from the modelling program to the MD2 format, and that's exactly what happened here. But this is basically as good as it could possibly get.

For the rebreather, like several of the previous listed powerup models, I took the original model and remapped the skin vertices, then created a brand new hi-res skin texture from scratch. I actually did this one before doing the envirosuit model, then just copied the parts from this skin to use along with the envirosuit skin since the helmet on the envirosuit is almost identical to the rebreather.

And finally, the silencer model. I actually wanted to create a custom silencer model that looked like a modern screw-on suppressor, but decided that the model would've ended up looking so simple and boring that it wouldn't have been worth the effor to make it. So instead, I just used the same old pre-existing hi-res silencer I've used several times before. Didn't modify the skin at all. Just plugged it in and went.

There are no new sounds in this pak. This pak contains all the same sounds found in my previous USMC Vietnam Tribute and version 9 paks.

So that does it for this pak preview. Enjoy it, folks. Lemme know if theres any problems with it. I'll include a readme file in the ZIP with it in case you might need help installing/using it properly.

Click the download button below. DO IT NOW! RIGHT FUCKING NOW! OR I'LL PEE ON YOU!