For my latest, and possibly LAST pak, I've gone back to basics. No more crazy "themed" items or things that don't belong in Quake2. I wanted my Quake2 to look like original Quake2, but better. This is just a pak of modernized high resolution image and model modifications, nothing too fancy, looks like Quake2, looks like it BELONGS in this game.

Important legal mumbo jumbo: Most of the models contained in this pak are property of Wirehead Studios, and are used with permission. These models were provided "as-is" by a party not affiliated with their team that ported them to Quake 2 without permission from Wirehead Studios and are not representative of their final gun models - which will be made available at a later time. Be sure to check out their awesome Generations Arena mod for Quake 3 at Special thanks to Phoenix from Wirehead Studios for granting me permission to post these.

This is the console background. The original low-res one from the game is brown with a dark brown Q2 symbol in the center. I decided green was better. Looks more QuakeTwoey.

This is the main menu. Looks a lot like the original. It didn't turn out at realistic looking as I'd hoped it would. Probably could've taken a little more time and made something better, but... I had other shit to do... or something... I dunno, fuck you, leave me alone. I also redid the spinning Q2 cursor using screenshots of the hi-res Quad Damage model in a modelling program. That didn't turn out as great as I'd hoped either. Meh, they can't all be winners.

And when you navigate to another menu from the main menu, all the other sub-menu banners look like this.

And this is the inventory menu window. What the fuck do you have? Check in the inventory menu window. Want to join a game or a team? You'll do that shit from this window as well. Sorry, not Pornhub compatible.

And this be's the crosshair. The same shit I always use. It's fucking amazing. It points at the shit you're shooting at. Incredible! I know! Fuck my tits with a petrified turtle turd!

These are the console character lettery word-makin' scribble-figure thingies. They look kinda similar to the original Quake2 ones. Same colors, but now in high resolution with black background to make it easier to read for old fucking bastards with shitty busted eyeballs like me.

These are the new ultra-HD liquid plasma OLED 4K Panasamsung Casony GE health and ammo numbers. They don't look EXACTLY like the old original ones. But... that's because FUCK YOU that's why.

This is the health icon. It sits there beside the health numbers doing absolutely nothing like a lazy fucking bastard. Get a fucking job, health icon. Pull your fucking weight around here.

These are the armor icons. They look like the armor. That's because they're ARMOR ICONS, you fucking retard.

And these are the icons for the ammunitionables. Is that a word? Yes, on MY planet, it is, fuck you. Not fuck you in the literal sense of the word. Fuck you in the philosophical spiritual existential post-modern hipster meaning of the word, you hairy asshole wart.

And these are the god damned weapons. You use these to kill the other pricks in the game. Or maybe you just get killed and drop them for other people to pick up because you suck. It's okay that you suck though. Not everyone can be good at video games. And if you aren't, folks around here will remind you of it CONSTANTLY in the most humiliating and degrading ways possible. Because that's what video games are all about. Cyber bullying. You fucking suck-ass newbie piece of shit.

Here's the powerup icons. When you grab a powerup... such as one of these... you'll then see this icon appear on the screen. Lucky you.

And these are the same old key icons from my last 300 paks.

And these are the new scoreboard tags. I blurred out the persons name... because I'm a nice guy. I did really hammer them 30 to -1 in a 1on1 FFA. But they had the balls to stick it out to the end, and I respect that.

Here is the F1 help menu from single player mode and coop. Are you actually reading this? God, I hope not. I type the craziest shit for these things. I should be ashamed of the shit I type. But thanks to the annonymity of the internet, I don't have a give a fuck about things like embarassment or what other people think about me. Because fuck you and have a nice day, that's why.

Now for a preview of all the models in this pak. Or MOST of the models in this pak. There's a few I didn't highlight. They weren't interesting enough. They didn't have winning personalities or big titties like these do. For most of the Wirehead Studios models, I tweaked the brightness of the textures to make them darker. Most of the skins were too bright and the colors were washed out and over-exposed within the game environment. Fixed them where I could. So first, let's cover the weapons.


This is the shotgun model. It shoots things. Not very well. Use something bigger. This shits almost as useless as a blaster.

This is the Super Shotgun. It shoots the fuck outta things, especially up close. Double barrelled for her pleasure.

This is the machinegun. Grab one and have some machineFUN.

Here's the chaingun. Load up on ammo, and chew some motherfuckers up like a fat kid chews slim jims. Speaking of chewing... You know what doctors do with the circumsized foreskin of babies penises? They sell it to faggots as chewing gum. True story. This isn't the original texture for this model. I modified it a little to make some of the parts black. When someone takes something and fucks it up like this, they call it "artistic liberties". Because we gotta be all politically correct and shit with our terminology... or at least as politically correct as we can be when discussing faggots and their chewing gum preferences.

This is the grenade launcher. Okay? Do you understand what this is now? Good. Now please take it and shove it right up your ass. I'm sick of the newbies who constantly use these things to substitute mindless blind spam for skill. Fuck off already.

Rocket launcher. It shoots big dick shaped projectiles of exploding death at your opponent. Because fuck that guy.

The hyperblaster. It's like the blaster, but it's hyper and needs fucking ritalin to keep you from strangling it to death when it starts jumping on the sofa and singing stupid songs that annoy the shit out of you.

The railgun. It's nice. Look at it. I can't think of anything to say here. So just... look at it.

Here's the BFG. It looks like a piece of exercise equipment converted into a vaccum cleaner. What the fuck were these people smoking when they designed this thing?


These are the bullets boxes. I changed the color of the bullets themselves on the top of the model to match my ammo icon. Besides, lets be real here, brass color looks more Charles Bronson-ish. Go shoot some fuckers in the face Bronson style. Then go to church and pray to John Wayne. Then go smoke a cigar while eating a raw steak and fucking 2 women at once.

Here's the plasma cells. What kind of plasma? I don't fucking know. Alien jizz plasma, you fruit loop, who cares.

And these are the little green balls they refer to as GRENADES. You love balls, don't you? How much do you love balls? These are MY balls. Don't touch my balls. Okay, you can touch them, but only for a second, and don't tell anyone.

Here's the rockets. They store them in these easy to carry packs. Makes them easier to stack on the pallets at Costco where you buy them.

And these are the scattergun shells. We use these for hunting cows in Quake2. No deer in Quake2. I guess in the dystopian stoggian future, cows have evolved into deadly weapon toting people-murderers. Eat mor chikin? EET MOR HOT LED, MUTHURFUKUR! (That's a Chik-Fil-A reference. You got that right? Did I have to explain that? If I did, you're an idiot, you idiot.)

These are the uranium slugs. You can use them only in the railgun. They won't work with the hyperblaster. Trust me, I've tried. They won't fit.


These are the stimpacks. They are packs of stims. I dunno what the fuck stims are, but apparently they're really good for you, like fuckin' kale or something.

Here's the small health pack. Comes with two syringes. One has blue Windex in it. The other has Simple Green cleaner in it. When you inject yourself with both of them... you get really really high and you feel better. Trust me kids. Do it at home. It works, I promise.

Here's the large health pack. It has a handset telephone on a pedestal base with two spikes to stick it in the ground. I guess you use it to call 911 or something.

Here's the adrenaline. It's a "new" model from the same collection of stuff from the Wirehead Studios models. I converted this one myself. Hope they don't mind. The old collection of hi-res models was missing an adrenaline model, and this one was simple enough to convert.

Here's the megahealth. Not to be confused with Megahelth, the all ukelele Megadeth cover band.


This is my upsized/reskinned stock jacket armor. Camo. Looks greener than before. Looks like it reduces carbon emissions. Because we may have an insatiable bloodlust to kill each other in this game, but the last thing we wanna do is harm the environment and make the polar bears sad.

Here's the combat armor. It's fuckin' yellow. Like my teeth.

And here's the body armor. It's red. Like a dogs dick. So from now on we'll just refer to this as dog dick armor, okay?

This is the armor shard. I looks like a damn roof shingle for some reason. If you collect 50 of these, you can trade them in for a pink fuzzy tampon holder at Dave & Busters.


Here's the ammo backpack. It also has a compartment to hold your tampons and 1 Hi-C juice box.

This is the power shield. It will shield you from having to make a commitment to your significant other. Runs on 4 AA batteries, not included. It's the stock model, however it's been texture remapped to allow for a larger and better custom texturing. I did the texture from scratch. Me. Not Wirehead. For once I did something. Aren't you proud, mommy?

This is the bandolier. It's like a bra, but your tits fall out of it constantly, and it comes with grenades. This is another stock model that I texture remapped myself and created a custom texture for it from scratch. You're welcome.

And this is the envirosuit. Again, another stock model that I remapped and retextured myself. Because I'm fucking awesome. Look, it's got switches and guages and shit on it. It's the future though. Can't we get some smart-envirosuits controlled with an app via my smartphone?

And here's the rebreather. (I made this one also) It's the same shit on the envirosuit, just with no backpack, suit or boots. Maybe you can just stick your head in the slime and you'll be fine, you know, like if you drop some change in there and have to look for it.

This is the invulnerability. It makes you invulnerable to taxation and sarcastic complements from ugly middle aged women on Facebook. Yeah, I don't know what the fuck that means either.

This is the quad damage. You use this whenever you want to damage Quadz's reputation on ebay. Fuck him and his online homemade boutique scented candle store.

This is the silencer. You stick it up your ass right after you eat tacos or chili and then nobody knows where the fuck that smell is coming from.

Sounds. Yes, there a LOTS of custom sounds in this pak. Pretty much all the same sounds from my last several paks. I'm not gonna waste space loading them individually for you to hear, so you'll just have to download the pak and try it out to see what's there.

That's basically everything. Click the download button below to grab a copy of it. Enjoy.