When I first released this incomplete pak in a post on the Tastyspleen forums over a year ago, I decided at the time not to create a preview page for it. But I've noticed one or two people gawking at the thread where I posted it, and I had a little bit of free time, so I decided to finally throw together a dedicated page for it.

I meant to do quite a bit more than I actually did with this pak. I intended to add some Quake1 weapon pickup models, Quake1 ammo box models, Quake1 armor models, and Quake1 powerup models. I knew the weapon models would be the hardest to do, so I began there. I got started attempting to make a nailgun model and quickly realize just how incredibly difficult it would've been. And at that point I figured it would've been pointless to make any of the other models as well. But I had already completed the pics and sounds portion of the pak, so I decided to stop work on it and post it as-is. Perhaps one day in the future I'll decide to do some more with this pak. But since very few people use my paks, and I really had no intention of using this pak myself for an extended period rather than my other current custom pak, I didn't see much reason to worry about finishing it.

As I said, this pak is technically INCOMPLETE, but I've released it anyway in case anyone might be interested in using it.


I had originally created my own custom console background for this pak, but ultimately decided that what I had created did not look similar enough to the original console background from Quake1. Instead, I found one somewhere else on the web that resembled the original background somewhat better.
I found this conback here: https://gfx.quakeworld.nu/details/321/widescreen-conback-v2/
All credit goes to it's creator, "BootGuyJoe", and to QuakeWorld GFX.
For those using a widescreen monitor, also included in the pak is a secondary widescreen version of this conback, named "/pics/conback_WIDE_-_1920x1080.png". To use it, open the Q1V2 pak in PakScape, rename conback.png to conback2.png, then rename conback_WIDE_-_1920x1080.png to conback.png, and hit FILE>SAVE.

The main menu. It looks very similar to the main menu from original Quake1. The menu options have a slight brown glow effect when selected. The menu cursor is an animated spinning Quake1 symbol that I made using screenshots of a Quake1 quad-damage model in a modelling program.

Once you make a selection from the main menu, all sub menu banners will look like this.

Choosing a team to play on?
Selecting game and map options on a co-op server?
Or just need to see what your current inventory of available ammo is?
You'll do it from the new inventory menu window.

I didn't really make any Quake1 exact reproduction crosshairs. From what I remember, they were pretty basic and unremarkable anyway. Instead, I included my own custom crosshair from my personal v11 pak as well as a 2nd all new one, which I think might bear a closer resemblance to the original Quake1 crosshair.

The console characters should look fairly similar to the ones from the original Quake1. These are reproductions of ones that are used in some of the modern updated Quake1 ports. Included in the pak are 2 versions of these. The stock version (conchars.png) have solid black backgrounds to make the text somewhat easier to read. The alternate version (conchars2.png) have no/transparent backing. To use the alternates with no background, simply open the pak using PakScape, rename conchars.png to conchars_back.png, then name conchars2.png to conchars.png, and then hit FILE>SAVE.

The health and ammo numbers are similar to the ones from original Quake1, but are actually reworked versions that more closely resemble the ones from modern Quake1 ports like Darkplaces and Epsilon.

The health icon. Pretty much the same thing used in the Darkplaces Quake1 port. Looks identical to the one used in original Quake1 but with higher resolution and more detail.

It's been about a year since I stopped work on this pak, so it's hard to remember everything, but I think these armor icons are based on some custom armor icons that I had previously made for an armor texture modification pk3 file that I had made for use with the Quake1 Darkplaces port. The original armor textures and corresponding icons were colored somewhat washed-out and dull, so I recolored them with more vibrant colors to help them stand out better.

I think these ammo icons are modded versions of the ones that originally came from one of the many smaller pk3's that went into Seven's "Small Mod Compilation" for Quake1's Darkplaces port. Not sure who originally made them.

The weapon icons are modified versions of the weapon icons from the Quake1 Darkplaces port or one of the various weapon add-on packs I had been using with my own customized version of Quake1 Darkplaces. Quake1 did not feature a railgun, BFG, or blaster, so I've substituted icons from my v11 pak for those weapons.

I had planned on making some models to resemble the powerups from Quake1 and then using powerup icons that resembled the models, but... it didn't happen. So instead, I substituted the various powerup icons from my v11 pak.

As with the powerups, I also did not implement any new models for the keys, and it might've created confusion in-game by doing so with names of keys not exactly matching. If I remember correctly, Quake1 only used a "silver" and "gold" key as well as "runes" that acted as keys. So instead, I used my old key icons that I used in my v11 pak. However, this version of key icons has been improved since the versions included in the v11 pak. The data spinner, power cube, and pyramid keys now feature improved details, and the rest of the keys have been tweaked for color and brightness optimization.

Scoreboard tags. I don't think Quake1 had any. So I made these to kinda look like the menu banner tiles.

For single player campaigners and co-op players, I've included a new F1 help menu window. It's based on the one for my v11 pak, simplified a bit to fit with the Quake1 theme better.


The only modification made to any models was a quick re-skinning I did of the hyperblaster projectile in order to make the plasma blasts resemble white electricity bolts.

It's been over a year since I finished work on this pak (as of the time I'm writing this), so it's hard to remember exactly where everything in this pak came from. As for the sounds, some of them came from the QE - Quake Eargasm sound pack for Quake1 by Christian Ice, some of it probably came from other parts included in Seven's Small Mod Compilation, and other parts might be modifications of sounds from those sources or completely new sounds I created myself. Posting each and every sound file for preview here would be very time consuming, so instead I'll just try to describe some of the more important sounds.

There are two directories with sounds: "/player" and "/sound".

The "/player" folder contains sounds relating to player models interacting with the environment. I'll start with those...

In Quake2, the man burning in lava sound is fairly muffled sounding. The new sound is exactly what you remember from Quake1 - that sharp and very dramatic scream.

The new water in, out, and underneath sounds... I'm not sure where I got them. They sound like reworked higher quality versions of the originals. Definitely better than what you'll find in most Quake2 paks.

Now for the "/sound" folder...

"/doors" - The door sounds are high quality versions of the originals, similar to the same ones they also used in Quake2. They have a hydraulic pneumatic sound to them.

"/items" - The good ole Quake1 quad damage sound. The Large and small health sounds are also the old familiar unique ones from Quake1. The sparkley sounding megahealth pickup sound is here as well.

"/misc" - Higher quality versions of the old ammo, armor, and weapon pickup sounds from Quake1. You'll also find the Quake1 menu selection sound effects here, high quality versions of the originals that you'll definitely remember.

"/plats" - The moving platform sounds. In Quake1, they sounded like a drawbridge being pulled with a metal chain.

"/weapons" - The most important sounds. These came from a few different sources. Since Quake1 had an axe rather than a blaster, I created my own custom blaster sound. The shotgun and super-shotgun sounds are the same ones you remember from original Quake1. The machinegun now sounds like old nailgun. I even created my own custom bullet ricochet sounds for this pak to sound like metal nails plinking off of stone walls. I can't really remember what the grenade launcher from original Quake1 sounded like. The sounds I used in this pak came from one of several new weapon sound packs for Quake1. The new grenade launcher reload sound has a bit of a low-tech squeaky hinge sound to it. The hyperblaster now sounds somewhat like the tesla lightning gun from Q1. The rocket launcher has that good ole familiar Quake1 POP to it again. Even the grenade bouncing sounds sound like Quake1 again. As for the railgun, I created my own custom sound sounds for that as well, somewhat metallic sounding.

And that's everything.

At the moment, I have no plans to finish this pak with any models. Perhaps one day I'll change my mind and go back to it, but... I doubt it.

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