Sieg Heil!
So I was bored and had the genius idea to throw together a pak with a bit of a Nazi SS theme to it. I have lots of new custom items that I myself made from scratch in this pak, along with items from Focalor's Pak v3.0 for the stuff that I didn't re-do. Here are all the details...

All the sounds in this pak are the same ones featured in Focalor's Pak v3.0... except for 3 brand spanking new ones which I made. I have replaced the old "damage.wav" (quad damage pick up) with a clip of Hitler saying, "Deutchland... Sieg Heil!" and the entire SS Division answers back "HEIL!!!". I have replaced the megahealth pickup sound with yet another clip of the SS chanting back "HEIL!!!". Also, for the "xian1.wav", I have replaced it with a clip of a Nazi German orchestra playing music after one of Hitler's rants.

I made up all new menus for everything, although they do somewhat resmeble the menus from Focalor's Pak v3. I also made an animated swastika cursor for the main menu that changes colors from red to white.

New conback, of course...

I edited some other conchars a little for this pak. Made the backings as black as they'd go, and changed the color of the letters from green to red.

New inventory menu too. Looks a little bit like the one from my v3.0 pak but with a linked chain border and a Nazi eagle.

Made some brand new health and ammo numbers from scratch too. Pretty plain looking, but new nonetheless.

A lot of these icons weren't particularly easy to make. I had to edit out the backgrounds by hand and then shrink them down, then add some black outlining to make them stand out a little better. I found a decent image of an old Nazi SS helmet that I used to make the new armor icons.

I didn't redo ALL of the powerup icons, only the quad damage and invulnerability.

I have all new weapon icons I made for this pak which are images of real weapons that the Nazi SS used in World War II. For the hyperblaster, I replaced it with a flamethrower. The resulting picture isn't too clear, but it's a backback tank of flamethrower fuel with the flamethrower gun resting across the top of it. I also couldn't think of a gun to use for the BFG, so I just used a radiation sign and called it the "Holocaust cannon". You got a better idea, Einstein?

I also made all new ammo icons which correspond to the new weapon icons.