I've been wanting to make a US military themed pak like this one ever since I did the Nazi themed SS Wermacht pak back in 2008, but just never got around to it. So after years of "wanting" to do it, I finally got off my ass and DID IT. Originally, the idea was supposed to be to make a US WW2 themed pak, but I changed my mind and went with Vietnam instead. Like my last few paks, this is specifically designed to work with new clients using PNG capable renderers like r1GL or aprGL (or whatever the hell APRq2 uses). This pak contains lots of PCX images, but the majority of them I never took the extra time to convert from PNG to PCX properly using the Q2 color palette, so... if you're not using a PNG capable renderer, the pak will probably look horrible if you try to use it with the Quake2 stock openGL renderer. So I'll say it again, LOUD AND CLEAR...


There's a fuck-ton of shit in this pak to show off, so this page is probably gonna get long as shit before it's all said and done. Also, you'll probably notice that these preview images I'm posting are a good bit larger than what I usually do. Part of that is due to the fact that I user a larger screen resolution these days. But mostly it's because I wanted to get bigger pictures of the items so you can see the detail better. I've gotten quite a bit better at doing graphical stuff since my earlier paks with all of the experience I've gotten painting up race cars for my online Nascar racing league, and all of the work done creating this pak puts those earlier paks to shame. So as usual, to start things off, we'll take a look at the items contained in /pics folder of the pak.

The desktop and in-game screen resolution I've been using lately is 1280x1024, so this conback is gonna be the same size. If you're using a resolution smaller, larger, or widescreen, I think this conback should always stretch to cover the screen corner to corner no matter what. As you see, I've got an image of one of the Vietnam war memorials located in Washington DC.

This is what the main menu will look like. I used an army style stencil font for the menu selections and added a glow effect to them when you highlight that selection with the cursor. For the animated cursor, I added a slow blinking red glow effect to a US Marines insignia.

All the sub-menu banners look just like this one, 3D embossed army stencil font letters for the sub-menu title with a POW/MIA logo on the left and a USMC decal insignia on the right.

I probably could've spent a little more time screwing with the inventory menu to make it prettier or more ornate and interesting. I would've liked to make the ball chain border more fluid and rounded rather than squared at 90 degree angles on the corners. But it took long enough to do what you see and get it lined up right that I didn't wanna waste any more time on it.

The conchars got a complete upgrade in this pak. This the first time I've ever made a conchars map completely from scratch. These are technically "high resolution" conchars too, since the stock conchars image size is 128x128 pixels and these are 512x512 pixels, 2 times magnified, so they'll look much better than the 128p sized type especially if you use the hudscaling command to make them appear larger than default. I also put black backgrounds behind all of the characters to help the text stand out better on the game screen.

The health/ammo numbers are also larger than stock size to up the resolution a bit.

Health icon is a silver and gold United States Marine Coprs eagle/globe/anchor insignia.

The armor icons in this one are pretty simple. Just a woodland camo sleeveless Vietnam era flak jacket with a green, yellow, or red colored backing tile to correspond with what type of armor you're carrying.

The ammo icons have a bit of a Vietnam era theme to them. For bullets, you've got brass colored 5.56 rounds like what is fired by an M16. For cells, you've got a gasoline can... cuz they didn't use plasma cells in Vietnam. For grenades, you've got your typical oval shaped Mark2 fragmentation grenade. For rockets, you've got M72 LAW rockets, the military standard during Vietnam for anti-armor and anti-personel purposes, also a favorite of Chuck Norris when he'd kick the shit out of people in his many movies. For shells, you've got... shotgun shells. These aren't necessarily Vietnam era themed, they're just green to go along with the shell ammo pack model I painted up. For slugs, you've got chromed 50 cal BMG full metal jacket rounds, some long distance instant death, reach out and KILL someone.

Weapon icons are also pretty Vietnam war themed. For your blaster, you've got a 45 caliber Colt Python revolver. For your shotgun, you've got a single barrel pump action pistol grip 12ga shotgun, just what you want handy when heading into an unfamiliar trench where charlie and his 10 cousins might be waiting. For your supershotgun, you've got a sawed off side-by-side 12ga shotgun, the perfect tool to have available when you find yourself in a situation with more than enemy advancing on you from one general direction, and coincidentally, also a favorite tool for the mob when settling "family disputes". For your machinegun, you've got a Colt M16 Commando, a shorter and lighter carbine version of the full length M16. For your chaingun, you've got a minigun like what you'd normally find mounted on the side of a helicopter, but fuck it, you're manly enough to carry that sumbitch and fire from the hip. For your grenade launcher, you've got a China Lake 4x40mm pump action grenade launcher. For a rocket launcher, you've got a M72 LAW rocket tube. For a hyperblaster, you've got your standard M2 flamethrower, the standard flamethrower used by US forces throughout WW2, Korea, and Vietnam. For the railgun, you've got a scoped M21 sniper rifle. And for the BFG, you've simply got a radiation symbol. You'll just have to pretend you're launching nuclear napalm at whoever you shoot with a BFG.

Like everything else, I've got new high resolution powerup icons as well. Some of them are sort of Vietnam war themed. Ammo pack and bandolier icons are all new and Vietnam themed. The rebreather is a gas mask. The silencer is an image of a suppressor that would normally go on the business end of an M4, but we'll pretend we're dumb enough to think it fits on an M16.

I completely redid the single player key icons too. A few I may have missed, like the airstrike marker computer, but oh well.

How bout some new scoreboard tags? Sure, why the hell not. Woodland camo, bitches! Semper Fi, motherfucker!

This help menu won't get used unless you play single player or coop. It wasn't exactly "easy" to create either. It took lots of time freehand drawing things to get all the windows in the right spots. Then came all the experimenting to make it look somewhat 3D. Then I gave it bit of a pitted metal texture. Then I overlayed some rust to make it look older and more interesting. End result looks pretty pro if I do say so myself, and I just fucking did.

And this next one actually isn't in the "/pics" folder, it's in the "/sprites" folder, but fuck it. I redid the BFG energy ball sprite to look kind of orange... I guess kinda like a fireball since the ammo icon for cells is a gasoline can. It didn't turn out quite as neon orange-y as I wanted since the light used in the BFG energy ball is green, so it was pretty impossible to get it anymore orange colored than this.

Probably the biggest job in creating this pak was painting up all the models. There's a TON of models that I repainted for this pak. Damn near every last one of them, it seems like. I think you'll agree that I did a MUCH better painting these up than the last few times I attempted to repaint model skins.

So first of all, let's start with the most important part, the weapons. This time, not only did I paint the gun models, but I also did the in-hand weapon models... for those few wierdos among you who actually use them and don't mind a big fucking gun blocking most of your view. And it ain't as easy as it looks painting up the weapons. There are no nice layered templates for this shit, you just gotta cut up the images you have and make your own. And it takes lots of trial-and-error to figure out which part of the images lays on which part of the model.

THE BLASTER. I didn't do it. Who cares about the fucking blaster. It's wimpy. Moving on...

The shotgun! I added a nice dark walnut buttstock with a dark walnut textured pump grip as well as a dark walnut texture pistol grip thingymajigger on the handle. Also colored the rotating shell drum a nice gunmetal gray/black. Looks somewhat less futuristic now.

The super shotgun. For when a regular shotgun just ain't quite shotgun-y enough. First of all, I painted up the barrels gunmetal gray/black. Then for the top rail/handle, I added a lighter colored walnut texture. The pump, stock, and pistol grip pad wood too. The buttstock recoil pad is a nice black rubber deal for added comfort when murdering people like it don't matter. You'll also notice I added a no-slip grooved texture to the rear of the recoil pad.

The machinegun. A Marine would be naked without one. This ones been covered in a nice woodland camo pattern for hunting down those VC sumbitches in the jungles of bumblefuck Vietnam. It may not look much like an M16, but if you look reeeeeeeally closely at the front of the breach on the same side as the firing selector and safety button, you'll notice I added a "Colt m16a1" logo stamp. It also features a nice black rubber forward palm guard for comfort, as well as a black rubber recoil pad for the telescoping buttstock. Like the supershotgun, the rear of the recoil pad features a no-slip grooved texture.

Next in our bag of torture implements, we have the chaingun. It's a great weapon for dicing up those NVA shitbags on recon like a woodchipper. The machine box is covered in a nice woodland camo texture to minimize visual signature while on patrol. The barrel couplings, forward palm guard, and rear shoulder padding are colored black, cuz black fucking is cool. Or something. Also, the pistol grip pad on the handle is a nice light wood texture. All this can be yours for $14.95 at your local S-Mart. Remember: Shop smart. Shop S-Mart!

Ah yes, the grenade launcher! The favorite tool of the newbie to use on a crowded DM1 from the upper lift when people are focusing on someone else down in the main arena. FUCK YOU, YOU ANNOYING GOD DAMN NEWBIE. FUCK YOU TO HELL. And while you're fucking yourself into hell, enjoy the feel of the nice dark walnut handle with woodland camo rotating breach and gunmetal gray/black top-fluted launch tube. Hope you fuckin' blow yourself up with it, asshole.

Next up is the all-important rocket launcher. It's covered in your tradtional Vietnam era woodland camo. I also tried to be clever and add some electronic targeting computer guts to the window on the side of it. But you can clearly tell that it's just a fuckin' red PC motherboard. But it was the best thing I could come up with, so fuck it.

The hyperblaster features a woodland camo rotating barrel, a dark walnut buttstock, walnut top rail handle, and walnut handle. The receiver is painted in your tradtional military puke green and the rest of the parts like the box magazine and such I left their original gray color.

The railgun was kinda difficult to paint. The original skin for it was not made properly. DAMN YOU, whoever made these models. Most of the larger parts display where they are supposed to, but some portions on the skin image are slightly out of line and don't display properly. Mostly it's the handle/trigger/buttstock portion of the image that is misaligned. I might've been able to fix it, but I didn't really wanna take the extra time. Anyway, the buttstock is walnut, the tube on the side is reskinned with a black grooved rubber texture, the inside guts have been painted a nice neon green to go along with the woodland camo covering on the receiver as well as the military green on the muzzle end.

The BFG? I spent so much time screwing with the skins on the other weapons that by the time I got to the BFG, I looked at all the myriads of parts on the skin image that I was gonna have to figure out where they went and said to myself, "FUCK THAT." So no reskinned BFG in this pak.

I also did not reskin the hand grenades. They're military green already and so small that you probably would never even notice anything I did to them if I attempted it.

Next, lets move on to the armor. The shards I covered in... guess... no, really, guess... did you guess woodland camo? Shit, you're good. Of course I painted the fuckers with woodland camo! I also slapped a USMC emblem on the face of em. You can't really see it all that well in-game unless you stare at it up close though cuz the yellow don't stand out good enough against the camo.

The flak jacket armor is the stock model but I gave it bit of a larger higher resolution skin in order to keep the camo pattern from looking so shitty. It has military green shoulder plates so it's pretty distinguishable from the other two armor models.

The combat armor has more woodland camo on it and... I'm starting to think that maybe I got a little carried away with the camo on all this shit, ya know. Anyway, it's got nice bright yellow collar plates and a yellow testicle protector so you know it's the yellow armor. ...Testicle protector... that's a great word. So fun to say.

Body armor is also... you guessed it, woodland fuckin' camo. It's also got some red on it. I figured that'd be a great touch so you could tell it apart from the other fuckin' armors, right?

I guess next we'll move along into the health pack portion of the show. I didn't paint up the +1 stimpacks. Laziness there. Sorry. But I did paint up the megahealth. Yep, more camo, son! We love our fuckin' camo! Also added a new combat medic symbol to the front of it. There was some fancy name for the snakey winged pole thingy that was really fuckin' interesting... but I forgot the name of it. You probably don't give a shit anyway. I doubt anyone is even reading all this shit. I could type a bunch of meaningless gobbledegook and it'd be all the same. The purple weasel fucks a jesus waffle with a magic crying banana on a swingset with it's tits hanging out the window for Iranian children with dreadlocks to puke all over. See? You don't fucking care.

Probably my FAVORITE models - The health boxes. BEER!!! Yeah, Uncle Foc loves him some god damn beer. So the small health box I painted up to look like a pack of Budweisers. I tried to paint up as much of it as possible so it wouldn't look too much like the last ones I did, just a normal health box that some asshole slapped beer logos on like a lazy bum. You'll even notice I made the vials on the syringes look like Budweiser cans. Now you can fuckin' MAINLINE THAT SHIT RIGHT INTO YOUR BLOODSTREAM! WOOHOO!

And if Budweiser just ain't your kinda beer (cuz it tastes like shit), we also got some good ole American-made Samuel Adams Boston Lager for when you need a larger boost to your health. Cuz beer is health food, right? Yep, ask any doctor that does liver transplants, he'll tell ya as much.

So I suppose now we'll move into the ammo category. But first, you're gonna need something to carry all that shit around in, right? No rinky-dink plastic Wal-Mart shopping bag will do for as much ammo as you're gonna need to kill some pricks in droves. So be sure to pick yourself up one of these handy USMC issued woodland camo pattern ammo backpacks if you ever see one laying around on a map.

And this is what your M72 LAW rockets are gonna look like flying through the air. Try to have more of these OUTBOUND from you than INBOUND and you'll be better off.

I completely redid all my hi-res ammo boxes for this pak. I tried to model most of the skins after real-life ammo boxes. So the boxes of bullets are made up to look like your everyday white boxes of Winchester ammunition you could pick up at any gun store. Well, that's if they HAVE any. Been a bit of an ammo shortage around the country lately.

The cell packs I repainted red kinda like gasoline cans and changed the color of the cell hexagons to be a nice pissy yellow color. I also slapped some "Danger - Napalm" labels on the 3 corner sides.

The rocket packs I repainted a darker military green color. I also slapped some "M72 LAW ROCKETS" labels on the top sides and painted up the rockets inside to match the rocket projectile models and the rocket ammo icons.

The boxes of shells I painted up to look like real life boxes of Remington shotgun shells. You can even see the specs of the shells on the side, just like on the real boxes. Some 00 buckshot is plenty vicious enough to drop some slit-eyed screaming Vietnamese motherfuckers in a satisfyingly gory fashion.

The slugs packs took a little time to get right. I had to freehand edit the eagle and American Eagle logo to where it would look proper on the side of the slugs box. But these are also supposed to closely resemble a real life box of American Eagle ammunition. Although, if you ever found a box of American Eagle 50 caliber BMG FMJ rounds, chances are the box is gonna be black and white and only available to military and police personel. However, the smaller calibers for public consumption all come in boxes similar to this.

I had planned on including one or two special sounds for the Quad Damage and Invulnerability. But I couldn't really find anything cool, so I just used some non-stock sounds from my pak item archive. I basically didn't touch the sound folder except to replace the quad and invulnerability sounds, so all the sounds are gonna be the exact same ones I used in FocalorsPakv9.

I had also planned on creating some brightskins to use in this pak, but after a little thought, I decided against it. In the (hopefully) near future, I WILL make a brightskins pack that contains only brightskins and nothing else.

So that does it for this pak preview. Enjoy it. Lemme know if theres any problems with it. I'll include a readme file in the ZIP with it in case you have problems installing it and getting it to display properly. Also, lemme know if you have an idea for a theme or anything for a future pak or just one specific item you'd like me to take a shot at painting up for you.

Click the download button below. Or don't. I don't give a shit. Whatever.