The aim and AI of the strogg in single player mode SUCKS! We all know this. So if you insist on playing non-human opponents, at least have a little bit of a challenge. So... "Mr. Anti-social I'm too good to play on servers like everyone else"... here are a few bots for you to choose from. Psssst. Are you staying away from the servers because you suck at Quake 2? Shhhh, don't tell anyone, but I have some anti-cheat proof aimbots too. Just scroll down and find the button that takes you to my top-secret aimbot page.

all bots are contained in ZIP files for your downloading pleasure

click on the name of the bot to download it

Rambot v0.48a
A really old bot. Pretty stupid. Doesn't roam around too much. Tends to head for a weapon and camp there. Isn't a very accurate shot... unless it has a hyperblaster. Damn good aim when carrying the hyperblaster. Almosting annoyingly so. You get used to how it kinda sucks with the rest of the weapons and then it whips out the hyperblaster and chews you up quickly.

There are currently no more bots available
More will be posted soon...