A cornucopia of Quake 2 related goodness. Or perhaps other things. Doo-dads, whoopie cushions, trinkets, joy-buzzers,
...and desktop wallpapers too!

(all wallpapers are contained in ZIP files)

Rebel Meets Rebel - album art
1024x768 pixels

Death - band logo
1024x768 pixels

Quake 2 symbol
800x642 pixels

Quake 1 symbol
800x666 pixels

Cannibal Corpse - Butchered At Birth (album art)
1024x800 pixels

This is a handy little program for making those cool in-game chat binds containing the special conchars. You will have to create the message, then go to FILE and scroll down to SAVE AS. You can name the file anything you want, I prefer to use numbers, it's easier that way. It will save it as a little CFG file. Make sure to save it to your C:/Quake2/baseq2 folder. You will then need to edit your main config file to use the bind. It's easy. Let's say that you named it "1.cfg". All you do is pick a key to bind it to. Let's say you want use the C key. You will type: bind c "exec 1.cfg". See, easy. Click the program logo below to download it.

Here's a set of red Quake2 themed cursors that I made for Windows. Click the preview image to download it.

Here's a set of Recycle Bin icons that I made. I also included a toilet flushing sound to go along with it. I've included 2 different sizes of icons in this for different icon sizes or desktop resolutions. I personally use a 1024x768 resolution, so I'm not sure how these will look on another pc with a greater resolution. I also managed to figure out how to rename the Recycle Bin. It involved editing the registry, which is usually not a good idea, so I won't include any directions on how to do it. If you want to do the same, I recommend googling how to do it and proceed and your own risk. Click the preview image to download.