I have lots of items in this pak that I created myself. Here are some handy dandy preview images so you can see what it looks like.

This is the console background. The tribal goat head and inverted pentagram were designed by an old friend of mine who passed away a few years ago. She used to run an e-store called TheSatanicWitch.com, which featured lots of custom designed hand-made candles, clothing, and other occult items. It was used as the main menu header image for her site, although she used a slightly different purple colored one since the rest of the sites color scheme was purple and gray.

The next three pictures are examples of the new menu and sub-menu banners that I created. You can also see the new console characters (conchars) that I used for this pak in the sub-menu images. The conchars are gray and red to keep with the red, gray and black theme.

I created an inventory menu based on the goat head plaque that I use at the top of every page here at Focalor's Lair. Yes, it is the shit. You're welcome.

I did not create these crosshairs myself. But I figured I would preview them since I have 6 different crosshairs in this pak. I have my config set up to use different crosshairs with different weapons. The README file included in the zip file with the pak details how to edit your config file in order to use all of these different crosshairs for the different weapons. Since I use the green hoop projectiles for the hyperblaster in this pak, I use the green crosshair. Crosshair 4 is pretty useful with the shotgun, super shotgun and chaingun. The four outer dots cover the spray of the super shotgun at closer ranges. For the shotgun and chaingun, the 4 inner dots indicate the target area. Keep in mind that you may still have to adjust your aim based on ping, especially if you have a ping over 100ms.

I created these health numbers myself. They are a hand modified version of the CheapFire font. I also created this health icon myself. If you've ever heard of the band Down (with vocalist Phil Anselmo from Pantera), this is the image on the back of their first album of Jesus smoking a joint. Yes, Down is the shit. Go buy their album. You will listen to it and say, "Focalor is correct. Down IS the shit." And I will say, "You're welcome."

Where to start? Well, let's start with sounds. This pak has lots of new sounds. Some of them are the same ones used in Focalor's Pak v2.0, but others are new. Some of the weapons sounds are from Quake4. I used the railgun sound from Quake4 because it has less bass than the one I used in v2.0... which got on my nerves when playing instaGIB FFA. It would damn near shake pictures off the wall when I'd turn the volume up to where I could hear everything clearly. I included the same hi-res map textures from v2.0 in this one too, although I don't use them myself. Instead, I use the new full set of hi-res textures that R1CH compiled not long ago. I have simply added that pak as a higher numbered pak to overwrite the textures in it. To provide an example of what I mean, I have my baseq2 folder set up as follows:
PAK7.PAK = Focalor's Pak v3.0
PAK8.PAK = R1CH's 32bit hi-res textures
PAK9.PAK = Elysium's brightskins
If you'd also like to use the best damn hi-res textures ever compiled into one awesome pak (which I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend and endorse), you can find a link to it at the bottom of this page below the link to Focalor's Pak v3.0.
This pak finally contains all of the hi-res weapons and items models. Yes, they actually work this time! And they also are visible in-hand! Gee-willickers and shit!!!
Hmmm, what else? I guess that's about it. So have fun killing shit with the mostest bestest pak ever made. It is the shit. You're welcome.

(file size: 76.3mb)

(*note: requires R1Q2 w/ R1GL video driver)

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