Oh HOLY SHIT! I don't even know where to start. There's lots of new stuff in this latest pak. So let's just start with the console background. Nothing too fancy, just a red Q2 logo with my pak title over it and an x-ray of a guy with a knife jabbed through his head that I thought would look nifty.

Of corpse I made all new menus. I stayed with the red and white color scheme as usual. I also made a nice little rotating inverted pentagram for the main menu cursor.

I used the same font for all the sub-menu banners and placed skulls on both sides, kinda like I've done with all my other custom menus I've made.

The "LOADING" banner uses a different font, the Quake font. Ain't she purty?

And for those of you who use the R1Q2 client, you'll never get the chance to see this in the game. The QUIT screen only appears if you use the original 3.20 client. As you can faintly see here, I didn't redo the PAUSED banner. Screw it, I'm lazy.

And to go along with the skulls on the sub-menu banners, here's the new inventory menu window I made.

And as you can see from that last picture, I have green and white letters in this one with black backings. These are custom tweaked a little also. I made the backing as dark as it would go. I prefer black backings for the letters, it makes them easier to see on the screen as I play and it also shows up better in screenshots that are converted from PNG to JPEG. I made the white letters a brighter shade of white and made the green letters brighter as well in order to make screenshots easier to read.

I use the same crosshairs in this one that I used in the v3.0 and SS Wehrmacht paks. There is a note in the readme file included in the zip folder along with the pak detailing how to edit your config in order to properly use them all.

Here's a little preview of what the new heads-up-display will look like in the game.

Yes, of course there are new numbers in this pak. Red when yer good to go, yellow when yer gettin' low.

And an inverted pentagram health icon for good luck.

I DID NOT completely make the ammo icons myself. These are ones that someone else made, I just added some black outlining around them to make them stand out a little better.

However, the rest of these icons I DID make myself. These are all from screenshots I manipulated of the hi-res models used in the pak. Here are the armor icons. There is no hi-res jacket armor, so this was taken from a screenshot of the stock one.

And here are the various powerup icons I made. I did not create the QUAD icon, all I did was add a little black outlining around it. For some weird reason I couldn't get the skin for that model to display correctly in my model viewer program to get a screenshot of it. The rest of them, I DID create.

And lastly, the weapons. These are all from the hi-res models included in the pak... except for the grenade launcher and hand grenade icons. I got lazy on those and used icons someone else made. All I did was add some black outlining to them.

As I mentioned, this pak has all the hi-res models that were also featured in my v3.0 and SS Wehrmacht paks. However, it does not include the hi-res QUAD DAMAGE model. Instead, it uses the Chaos mod Skull Quad Damage.

Yes, a few new sounds in this one. I'll try to describe the most notable ones that are different from previous paks.

The megahealth pickup sound is a clip of comedian Andrew Dice Clay shouting, "YOU STOOPID CAWKSUCKA!!!"

The quad damage sound is a clip of Al Pacino as Tony Montana from the movie the Scarface. The famous line, "SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FRIEND!!!"

The invulnerability sound is Pinhead from one of the Hellraiser movies saying, "Your suffering will be legendary, even in Hell!"

The xian1.wav sound is the main theme tune from the movie Hellraiser. Yes, I'm a Hellraiser fan, how did you guess?

New chat sound I created.

New railgun sound I created. Not as loud as the last one I used. Got sick of being deafened whenever playing a game of instagib FFA.

New bullet sounds I created. Not quite as loud either.

New grenade bounce sound I created. Only when using the grenade launcher though. I didn't make one for the hand grenades.

That's all I can really recall off the top of my head. There may be more that I forgot. You'll just have to download it and try it out to see.

There are NO (zero, zilch, nada, none) textures included in this pak. If you'd like some textures, I would highly recommend the hi-res texture pak made for newer clients such as R1Q2 w/ R1GL. If you're using the regular old 3.20 client, they won't work since they are all PNG files which 3.20 will not handle.