I've had this one finished for a while, probably a few months now, but I've been too lazy or too busy to bother uploading it. Well, I finally got some time now, so here she is. Nothing too flashy. This one uses a most of the stuff from the v4.0 pak. All the same sounds. All the same ammo, armor, and powerup icons. Same conchars.

So first I'll show off the stuff that's new. Since I had just joined Immortal Reapers, I decided a make an |iR| console background. PLEASE NOTE... the console background pic in this pak file is in PNG format, and there is no matching PCX version of this conback included in the pak. Unless you are using a newer client like R1Q2 which has the ability to utilize PNG format images, this conback WILL NOT show up and will probably default to the original Quake 2 conback. Thou hast been warned.

New menus in this one too. I decided to get corny and reword some of the menu texts. I also created a new animated cursor for the main menu of a rotating ankh.

As usual, I made a brand new inventory menu with an Immortal Reapers theme to it. Scythes on the sides, hourglass at the top. This was a royal pain in the ass to make, and it didn't turn out nearly as well as I hoped it would've. Fuck it.

Same conchars from the v4.0 pak.

As always, the same crosshairs. Perhaps sometime soon I'll start making some new crosshairs too. I really SHOULD! The one I use for the railgun is centered a bit too high. A lot of times if someone is standing on an overlooking ledge, I'll end up hitting the ledge below their feet because the crosshair isn't positioned like it should be.

A glimpse of what the HUD will look like.

New health and ammo numbers. I think these are based on the "Manson Nights" font, I forget though.

New health icon. The same kind of ankh featured as the animated cursor for the main menu.

Same god damn ammo.

Same god damn armor.

Same god damn powerups.

And lastly... Same god damn weapons.

As far as models and sounds, this pak has the same exact hi-res models and sounds from the v4 pak. As I mentioned before (but I'll mention it again), remember that the conback featured in this pak is in PNG format ONLY!!! Unless you are using a newer client like R1Q2, you WILL NOT be able to see it in-game, instead you will default to the original Quake 2 conback.