I'm fairly certain that this will be the last custom pak I will create. I'm pretty content with this one, and I'm really not all that interested in making new paks anymore. I might decide to whip up another one some time in the future, who knows. If I do, it will more than likely just be a novelty/theme type of pak, kind of like the SS Wehrmacht pak I released back in December 2008. I actually completed this pak back in May, but never got around to uploading it. And so, finally, here she is.


First of all, here's the console background. Just like in my previous v5.0 pak, the conback is in PNG format, and there is no matching conback in PCX format included in this pak. Unless you are using a newer upgraded Quake2 client such as R1Q2 with R1GL, you will not be able to see this conback when this pak is loaded.

As per usual, I made new menus. I also made a new animated menu cursor of an hourglass that flips end over end.

I made a new inventory menu for this one too. I actually designed two different inventory menus, but this was the one I liked better. Perhaps soon I'll offer the other one I created in the pics/inventory section of the Pak Item Archives.

Different colored conchars in this pak, red to match the menu screens with black backgrounds for greater visibility.

I decided to update my crosshairs in this pak. Crosshairs #1 and #3 are the same from previous versions. I adjusted crosshair #2 to be more accurate when firing a railgun from the center position of the screen. Before adjusting it, it was a bit too high. I would always end up shooting ledges beneath someones feet when aiming at someone above me. Crosshairs #4 and #5 are custom redesigned versions of the same ones I used in my previous paks. The grenade crosshair seemed a bit too large, obscured my view, and was just plain annoying to look at after a while. Crosshair #6 is brand new, custom designed by me. It's a bit large, and not worth a fuck for accuracy because it lacks a center position marker, but who the hell needs accuracy with a BFG anyway.

A glimpse of what the HUD will look like...

New health and ammo numbers based on the Dark Horse font.

New inverted pentagram health icon, somewhat similar to the red one I used in my v4.0 pak, but this one is a little cleaner looking.

New custom armor icons.

Same ammo icons as always.

Same old tried and true custom powerup and weapon icons that I created and used in paks v4.0 and v5.0.

Hmmmmmmmm, what else... Like the majority of my previous paks, this one has the same hi-res weapon, ammo, and item models. As far as sounds go, I think there might be some new additions in this version, I can't recall exactly which ones though. I do remember that I threw in a new quad damage pickup sound. When the quad is picked up, it plays a clip from Monty Python and The Holy Grail of the Black Knight shouting, "I'M INVINCIBLE!!!"

Anyways, enjoy. And if you don't... then lick my stinky balls.