Well... I said that my v6.66 pak would probably be the last pak I ever made... but then again, I did use the word "probably".

There's lots of new custom stuff in this pak. For the first time, I've included both PCX and PNG versions of ALL the pics and icons that I created. Yes, EVERYTHING. If you're using the old 3.20 client to play, you'll only utilize the PCX images. If so, you might notice that some of the icons look like they aren't colored as well as they could be. Well... they COULD be colored better if you were using a better client... such as R1Q2 with the accompanying R1GL renderer. With this client, you will be able to use PNG images which are NOT limited to the set number of colors featured in the Quake2 color palette. If you're too stubborn to use a newer and improved client like R1Q2, you really don't know what you're missing.

I like to include preview images of everything so that people will have some idea of what the pak will look like before they decide to take the time to download it. And there's assloads of good shit in this one, so let's start with the console background. I usually keep the background flat black, but in this one I decided to go with a black tolex texture to make it a little more interesting. The actual size of the PNG conback is 1024x768 pixels, so if you use a resolution smaller or larger than that, it may not appear the same way.

I got a little more creative with the main menu than I have in the past. Instead of just plain text, I decided to add a background image of my trademark Focalor's sigil. The animated cursor is a rotating human heart. Fuckin' groovy.

For all the sub-menu banners, I added a nice blood splatter to the background of the text. It's purty, huh?

This new inventory menu was quite a pain in the ass to create. But I must say, I'm quite pleased with the end result. It's so awesome I could shit.

The conchars are basically the same ones from Focalor's Pak v6.66, but I tweaked it a little. I colored the progress bar and slider (which appears in the console to indicate download progress) red and made the middle of the slider knob white to go along with the red/black/white color scheme throughout the pak.

Crosshairs! Same shit from the last pak.

Here's a preview picture of the AYTCH YEW DEE. That's mexican for "heads up display".

I added a slight bump map effect to the health and ammo numbers to make them look a little more interesting. Decided not to go with a freaky looking font and something a little more plain and readable... the same damn font used for the menus... and the same damn font used in the titles at the top of the preview images in case you missed it, Stevie fuckin' Wonder.

And this shit right HERE... This shit right HERE... This shit right HERE, NIGGA... Well this shit is the health icon, muthafucka. If you're familiar with my past paks, you might remember this from the Nazi themed SS Wehrmacht pak I did back in 2008. It's actually not the exact same icon, I tweaked it a little to make the cracks on the top of the head and the teeth a little darker.

I decided to go back to using my own custom armor icons. This time I added a gradient color background corresponding to the color of the armor itself.

Same old ammo icons as always... almost. Since I use red hoops for hyperblaster and blaster projectiles, I decided to make the color of the cell plasma red as well. Because when there's so much senseless killing going on in Quake2, at least it makes sense that the color of the plasma in the cell packs matches the color of the shit coming out of the business end of the gun.

These are pretty much the same powerup icons from my last pak. I think I removed the megahealth icon since it's never used anyway. I removed the Chaos skull quad-damage model and replaced it with a red hi-res Q (which I'll go into more detail about further down the page), so I made the quad damage icon red to match it. I also swapped out the old invulnerability icon that I made with one from the archives because the one I made looked like shit.

These are the same custom weapon icons that I've used in my last several paks. I tweaked the skin of the hi-res railgun model to have blue internal mechanics like the original one rather than red internal mechanics like the usual hi-res model skin features. So I tweaked the railgun icon to look like the new version of the railgun skin.

This time, I decided to screw with the player scoreboard tag just because I can.

So I thought to myself, "Since I use red hoop projectiles for the hyperblaster... and since I made the plasma IN the cell packs red to match that... I might as well change the color of the BFG plasma ball too." So now it's red. The ball still shoots out green beams at nearby players and has green particles floating around it, I don't think there is a way to change the color of that.

And here is what the new red plasma cells will look like.

And here is the newly skinned hi-res quad damage model. The old one was kinda pukey pissy military green colored.

This is the new hi-res railgun skin I tweaked. I just changed the color of the internal mechanics from red back to blue like the original one.


I have a few new sounds in this one, not very many. I use all the same sounds from my last pak, so I'll only detail the new ones here.

The quad-damage sound is now R. Lee Ermy from the movie Full Metal Jacket shouting, "I WILL GOUGE OUT YOUR EYEBALLS AND SKULLFUCK YOU!!!"

New grenade explosion sound. Same grenade explosion sound used in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare 1.

Megahealth pickup sound is PeeWee Herman shouting, "LA-LA-LA-LA-LA!!!".

New menu scrolling sound. (menu2.wav)

New invulnerability sound. Vincent (Samuel L. Jackson) from Pulp Fiction saying, "Well I'm a mushroom cloud layin' motherfucker, motherfucker!"

New underwater explosion sound. NOW WITH MORE SPLASH!

New rocket launcher firing sound.

New rocket flying sound. Sounds kinda like a jet plane.

New rocket explosion sound. Sounds like a shitload of concrete debris raining down.

That's it. Click the download button below. Enjoy.