Since I've been playing the Xatrix mod a good bit on the Tastyspleen Xatrix and Xrazy servers recently, I decided to customize the icons for it as well as the skin for the Quadfire powerup to make it match my latest pak. I personally find the stock icons for Xatrix mod to be extremely fugly. Just like my v7.0 pak, Focalor's Pak v7.1 features all items in both PCX formats (for those using the stock 3.20 client) as well as PNG format (for those using newer clients like R1Q2 w/ R1GL). Please remember to place this pak file in the "c:/Quake2/xatrix" directory, NOT "c:/Quake2/baseq2". Otherwise, the items in this pak may not appear correctly or may not appear at all.

This pak contains NO NEW SOUNDS.