I think this is probably the 10th Quake2 pak file I've put together so far, and this is the first one I've designed specifically for updated clients with PNG image capability. It contains several PCX images, but I did not take the time to really optimize the appearance of those images. They were mainly included because they HAD TO BE in order to allow the duplicate PNG images to display at their proper size. So if you're using the original v3.20 Quake2 client with the ref_gl.dll renderer, this pak will probably end up looking like washed dogshit on your screen. Once again THIS PAK IS DESIGNED SPECIFICALLY FOR UPDATED CLIENTS, IDEALLY R1Q2 WITH THE R1GL RENDERER!!!

I went with a Jagermeister theme for most of everything in this pak. As usual, I've included lots of preview images of everything so you can see what the pak will look like before you decide to download or use it. To start, here is the console background. The desktop resolution and in-game resolution I use is 1024x768, so that's the size of the background. Please note, THERE IS NO PCX VERSION OF THIS CONBACK INCLUDED IN THE PAK!

The main menu looks kind of similar to the last one I did. For the animated cursor, I made a Jagermeister bottle that has a blinking orange outline.

All the sub-menu banners come with a shot or two of Jager.

The new inventory window is basically a tweaked version of the last one I did in my v7 pak but with a higher alcohol content.

Conchars are tweaked with robust hues of orange, green, and white, and aged to perfection in oak barrels 12 years. Please type responsibly.


Here's what the HUD usually looks like. If you drink enough, you'll see two or three. Please note, that does not mean you get two or three times the ammo. Dumbass.

These are the health and ammo numbers. That's why it says "health and ammo numbers" at the top you fuckin' idiot.

This is the health icon. It's non-alcoholic, so who gives a shit about it.

I re-did all of the icons. (Re-did. That means I did them again.) I used a different image tweakin' program that seemed to hold detail a little better and allow me to use partially transparent pixels around the edges of the PNG images to make them look smoother.

Here are the armor icons. Icons of the armor, that's what these here are. Armor icons. With liberty and justice for all. Amen.

These are the ammo icons. The shotgun shells and bullets were made from pictures of actual real-life shotgun shells and bullets with the choicest hops and single malt barley. The rockets are shinky-dinked versions of the hi-res rocket models included in the pak for your viewing pleasure. The rest of the ammo icons are new versions of the hi-res ammo packs.

These are the new weapon icons. They look a lot like the old ones, but they're a little better. They've been triple distilled and charcoal filtered for a crisp clean taste that mixes well in cocktails. Just don't go making any pussy appletini's with them, only faggots drink that shit.

These are the powerup icons. They are brewed with all natural ingredients and no preservatives according to the Reinheitsgebot, the German Purity Law of 1516.

I decided to Jagerize the scoreboard tags. The player tag has a Jagermeister deerhead symbol, the opponents tag (tag2.png/pcx) has no symbol. FUCK HIM! No free liquor for that asshole!

From time to time when I'm too plowed to play deathmatch worth a damn, I like to pop in to the coop servers to shoot some shit that moves a little slower. So I decided to redo all of the single player item icons as well.

I also re-did the F1 help menu. It turned out a little gayer than I hoped it would. I was going for more of an orange marble looking border, but it ended up looking like something that Rosie O'Donnell yanked out of her twat during a Halloween pussy licking contest. Meh, I don't give a shit.

I have a bunch of high resolution models in this pak, and I decided to vandalize the skins for a few of them. I'll only cover the ones that I dicked around with. If you want to see the rest of the models, you'll just have to download it and see for yourself.

First of all, I reskinned the quad damage model orange.

I removed the red cross from the megahealth model and slapped my evil Jager-goat sticker on there instead.

I fuckered with the health boxes a bit. I've heard tales of some Carlsberg beer health boxes floating around somewhere, but I haven't come across them myself. I like Carlsberg, it's good, but I'd prefer a Heinken. These are the small health boxes (+10).

I like Heineken, of course, but why have a Heineken when you can have a nice Paulaner Hefeweiss. These are the large health boxes (+25).

I added some Remington logos to the shotgun shell packs. I heartily endorse the usage of Remington brand shotgun shells and shotguns against those dickless rat bastards who try to steal my beer.

I added Smith & Wesson logos to the bullet boxes. Because I'm pretty sure Smith & Wesson makes chainguns.


The sounds are all pretty much the same shit from my last pak. I'm not sure if I screwed something up during making this pak and importing the sounds from another pak to this one, but I think the hand grenades WERE making a beeping sound along with the audible "3,2,1" countdown, and that shit got on my nerves so I just went with the plain "3,2,1" countdown and no beeps. I usually do some fun new sounds for the quad and invulnerability and a few others, so I'll detail the new ones.

For the "xian1.wav" sound, which used to be some kind of funky disco beat bullshit, I used the intro riff to "Slowly We Rot" by one of my favorite metal bands, Obituary.

For the "damage.wav" sound (quad damage pickup sound), I used the portion of the song "Disintegration/Free Money" by Slayer (from the punk cover album Undisputed Attitude). It's vocalist Tom Araya screaming "DISINEGRATE YOU BASTARDS!!!".

For the "protect.wav" sound (invulnerability pickup sound), I used a clip from a video I found on YouTube of Vinnie Paul (drummer for Hellyeah and Pantera) busting out a quick rap saying "I'm a motherfuckin' titty-suckin' two-ball bitch, ya momma's in the kitchen cookin' red hot shit!" Kinda crazy, kinda funny. I just thought it'd be something to make me laugh while I play.

For the "m_health.wav" sound (megahealth pickup sound), I used yet another clip I found on YouTube of comedian Dave Attell doing a bit about realistic commercials for Jagermeister. He says that at the beginning of the commercial, the guy would wake up in a thicket of bushes covered in mud and soaked in blood with a high heel shoe in one hand, at which point he says, "Did I just eat a stripper!?!...... JAGER." The part in quotes is the sound clip I made.

Since I used cases of beer for the health packs, I figured I'd make a couple sounds to go along with them.

For the "n_health.wav" sound (small health pickup sound), I used the sound of a beer can popping opening.

For the "l_health.wav" sound (large health pickup sound), I used the sound of a beer bottle cap being popped off.

And I guess that's about it. I don't think I forgot anything, but maybe I did.
Click the link below to download. There is a readme file included in the zip in case you have (drinking) problems.

Cheers, motherbitches!