Yes, another pak. This one is basically a Harley Davidson theme. Sorry if all the images on this page take a while to load, but I used PNG images to retain as much detail as possible. Much like the last one I made, this one is designed specifically for use with an updated client and updated renderer, ideally R1Q2 with R1GL. I included a few PCX versions of images, but only because it's required in order to make the PNG images display at the proper size. So again, let me declare,...


As always, I've included a ton of preview images so you can see what everything in the pak will look like before you decide to download and use it. To begin with, here is the custom console background. The desktop resolution and in-game resolution that I always use is 1024x768, so that is the size of the console background. It should stretch or shrink properly to whatever different resolution you use though. I'm not sure how it would display on a "widescreen" monitor like what some people use these days, hopefully it would stretch to cover the extra width of the screen.

The main menu is designed to look like the Harley Davidson shield and bar logo. I wanted to have all of the menu selections fall within the middle bars inside the shield, but unfortunately, Quake2 has specific positions from which the top left of certain images originate their display, so I was forced to modify the top portion of the shield to hold the "GAME" selection. As you can see, when "GAME" is not highlighted, it displays as "MOTOR". For the animated cursor, I added a rotating Harley Davidson shield and bar logo.

All of the sub-menu banners feature the orange Harley Davidson font. Some feature a shovelhead motor on the left side and Harley Davidson logo on the right. Others have the Harley Davidson logo on both sides.

The inventory window is just a steel plate with a circular Harley Davidson skull logo. This one was simple to create, unlike most of the other ones which I usually have to edit the living shit out of. Just edited out the background, sized it to the proper size, and slapped it in the pak.

The console characters (conchars) are basically the same ones from my last pak, but with a few small tweaks. Both sets of numbers are now white. I also colorized the box borders orange. These characters usually outline the model preview window in the model selection section of the multiplayer menu. The other borders usually outline the sections of the settings/video menu where you input numeric values for things like mouse sensitivity in R1Q2.

I created two custom crosshairs for this pak which are much smaller than the ones I've included in previous paks.

Here's a preview of what the HUD will look like.

These are the health and ammo numbers, created using the Harley Davidson font.

This is the new health icon, the screaming eagle head featured in the Harley Davidson Screamin' Eagle Performance Parts logo.

For this pak, I used a lot of the custom icons I created from the last one. Some have been modified due to the new model skins I made for those items.

These are the brand new armor icons. Colorized Harley Davidson shield logos for each type of armor.

These are the ammo icons. All are the same as the ones from Focalor's Pak v8.

These are the new weapon icons. For most of the on-map weapons, I edited the skins to feature red colored parts, so the icons match those weapons appearance. There is no blaster on the map to pick up, so obviously there's nothing to edit there. The BFG I decided to leave as is because I was fucking lazy.

Most of the powerup icons are the same ones from the last pak. I changed the color of the quad damage model, so the quad damage icon reflect that.

I also made new scoreboard tags. The "tag1" (player) features a Harley Davidson logo on a black leather background with red border, while the "tag2" (opponent) has no Harley Davidson logo.

All of the single player icons are the same as the last pak except for the F1 help menu icon, which is now white text using the Harley Davidson font.

I created a new F1 help menu for this pak as well. It's very similar to the scoreboard tags.


I've modified the skins of a lot of the models, so here are a few pictures and descriptions of the most notable changes I've made.

I modified the hi-res shotgun shell and bullet ammo boxes in the last pak and decided to keep them for this pak.

Like in the last pak, I edited the megahealth model skin. This time it features a Harley Davidson shield and bar logo.

This time I decided to colorize the hi-res quad damage model bright blue.

I added a Harley Davidson shield and bar logo to the hi-res yellow armor model.

I also added a Harley Davidson on the chest of the red armor model.

And no Harley Davidson themed Quake2 pak would be complete without some shitty cheap domestic beer for health packs. I also kept the health pickup sounds from my last pak that sound like beer bottles and beer cans.

I took out the hoop shaped blaster and hyperblaster projectile models that I normally use and decided to go with the old school original Quake2 small lasers with a modified lime green skin.

Most of the hi-res weapon skins I have modified with red painted parts.


All of the sounds in this pak are the same ones from Focalor's Pak v8, with a few exceptions, which I will try to detail.

For the "xian1.wav", which was originally some kind of stupid electronic disco beat bullshit, I used the intro to AC/DC's Hell's Bells, the part with the large bell sounding and where the guitar riff starts.

For the "damage.wav" sound (quad damage pickup), I used a clip of a sound from the movie Poltergeist 2. Remember the part where the creepy old reverend comes to the door during the rain storm and starts talking to the dad? Anyway, it's clip of Julian Beck as the Reverend Henry Kane yelling, "YOU ARE GONNA DIE!!!"

For the "protect.wav" sound (invulnerability pickup), I used a clip from the Denis Leary No Cure For Cancer standup comedy video where he does his "Everything Is Horrible" song at the end. The clip is Denis Leary screaming, "WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!"

For the "m_health.wav" sound (megahealth pickup), I used the sound of a motorcycle revving.

I think that's about everything.
Click the link below to download the pak.
There is a readme file included in the zip folder in case you need installation instructions.