Well I thought I was done with making new pak files... but I guess not. Oh well, it was still buttloads of fun putting this particular pak together. Extra special thanks to Prophet>CG< from the infamous Crotch Grabbers clan for inspiring me to create this pak. I salute you with a generous groping of my testicular region and do hereby dedicate this pak to you, sir!

As usual, I'll provide lots of pictures of the different images featured in this pak. I tried to keep as much of it as stock to Quake1 as I possibly could. However, for some items, that just wasn't doable and I had to improvise. First of all, I used the Q1 wallpaper featured in the EXTRAS section of this site for the console background, as well as my name and the title of the pak in the lower right corner. I've included both PCX (400x300 pixels) and PNG (800x666 pixels) conbacks in this pak for those who may be using an improved client such as R1Q2 w/ R1GL.

I used the same main menu featured in Quake1. I wasn't able to get ahold of the actual menu banners, so I had to take a screenshot of each one and manually edit them by hand to a create the proper files. It was somewhat of a pain in the ass. There is no "Video" banner in the main menu of Quake1, of course, but that sure as hell wasn't going to stop me from making one.

There is no inventory menu in Quake1 either. But since all the tourney servers use the inventory menu for team selection, I figured I should make one. I used some clever submenu banner editing and trickery to create this one.

As you can see in that last image, I used conchars with a font that are pretty similar to the ones used in Quake1.

There are NO CROSSHAIRS included in this pak.

These are basically the exact same health and ammo numbers from Quake1, although I did have to shrink them down slightly to get them to fit correctly. The original sized ones were too fat and would've overlapped one another... which would've ended up looking like washed dogshit laying on the driveway.

For the health icon, I used the happy cheerful smiling grunts face used in Quake1 that you all know and love. No, it won't get all bloody and ugly as you get shot like it does in Quake1. For gods sake, I'm a pak file maker, not a game coder! I'm not a good webpage designer either, as you can tell from this butt-ugly sorry excuse for a website.

These are the same armor icons used in Quake1.

Now... If you recall, there are no slugs or grenades used in Quake1. I did not add anything to this pak to improvise those icons. So where it says "n/a" (unless you're using another pak), these icons will default the old stock Quake2 icons for that type of ammo.

There are only 3 powerups that were used in Quake1 that were also used in Quake2, so those were only ones that I included icons for. The rest of them will be the Quake2 default powerup icons.

These are NOT the same weapon icons used in Quake1. The ones in Quake1 ended up looking very small and hard to see. I could barely tell which weapon they were supposed to represent. So instead of those, I created these from actual models of the guns themselves. As stated earlier, there was no blaster, railgun, BFG, or hand grenades in Quake1, so I didn't bother making any icons for those weapons. They will default to the stock Quake2 weapon icons.

There are NO MODELS included in this pak.


It wasn't exactly easy renaming all of the sounds from Quake1 so that they'd work properly in Quake2. But I managed to get the job done. One of the biggest things you'll notice is that the hyperblaster sounds basically just like the lightning gun from Quake1 now. The machine gun and chaingun sound like the nailgun, the rocket launcher sounds just like the one in Quake1, the grenades bouncing from the grenade launcher now have that nice thick ring to them. For the hand grenade bounce sound, I used the sound that nails made ricocheting off walls in Quake1. The platforms sound like the mechanical platforms used in Quake1. The doors sound like the stone doors used in Quake1. Lots of other various evironmental sounds from Quake1 also that I found a use for in this pak.


Pendulously yours,