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Some of the models contained in a few of these pak files (primarily the "hi-res weapon, ammo, and item" models) are property of Wirehead Studios, and are used with permission. These models were provided "as-is" by a party not affiliated with their team that ported them to Quake 2 without permission from Wirehead Studios and are not representative of their final gun models - which will be made available at a later time. Be sure to check out their awesome Generations Arena mod for Quake 3 at Special thanks to Phoenix from Wirehead Studios for granting me permission to post these.

Focalor's pak v1.0 by Focalor
This is my first custom pak. It contains different health numbers, a few different gun sounds, a different player spawn sound, and a few hi-resolution skinned weapon, ammo, item, and object models.

Focalor's pak v2.0 by Focalor
This is my second custom pak. It has a few of the same things in v1.0, but a lot of new things. I have several more custom sounds in this one. It also has hi-resolution 32-bit map textures, which look a lot sharper and more detailed than the regular textures. I decided not to use the hi-resolution weapons models in this one. They display just fine when the weapon is sitting around on the map, but it doesn't look the same for some of the weapons in other players hands.

The only pak compiled, used, and endorsed by the world famous |iR|Goatkilla!
Contains lots of things, too many to list individually in fact. New model skins, new map textures, new sounds, new pics, etc. You'll need a newer client like R1Q2 w/ the R1GL video renderer in order to utilize some of the items in this pak which are in PNG format.

*Thanks to |iR|Goatkilla for sharing this!*

*Thanks to Prophet>CG< for inspiring this!*



R1CH's high resolution 32-bit map textures pak
This pak contains a ton of updated high resolution map textures in PNG format for optimal color. Makes all of the maps look a lot better. A must-have pak for any Quake2 player. You will need to be using an updated client with a PNG capable video driver such as R1ch's R1Q2 client with the R1gl video dll. Pak is contained in 7zip file and is larger than 100mb, so it may take longer to download.

Brightskins pak by Elysium (v1)
Contains neon blue skins for all male players, neon yellow skins for all female players, and neon green skins for all cyborg players.
Created by Elysium. Some of the best looking brightskins I've ever found. All skins have normal flesh colored and contoured arms and heads, with neon colored and contoured bodies and legs. If you don't like how normal single colored brightskins look so incredibly unrealistic and flat, you might like these.