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Grendel Prime
Character from the Dark Horse comic series created by Matt Wagner
(This is the main skin that I use, I used to be somewhat of a Grendel fan)

Hunter Rose (Grendel)
One of the earliest incarnations of the Grendel character that Matt Wagner brought about
(I never use this skin anymore since I found the Grendel Prime skin)

The Crow

*skin*.pcx and *skin*_i.pcx will go in:

Main skin that my bro Dark0 uses

Badass bitch wearing conservative amounts of leather. Must be a PETA member.

Female Crow
...because a woman can do anything that a man can do, ...except pee standing up.

Guns and pussy! Goes together like prepubescent males and masturbation...
...and I'm guessing that's how this skin got made in the first place.

There are currently no skins in this category. Perhaps one day there will be.
Patience is a virtue, grasshopper.