About the Sounds archives:
To make it easier, I have compiled all sounds available within each subfolder of the "/sounds/" directory into single ZIP files. You will notice that the first folder name will start with an exclamation point and the name of that subfoler (i.e. "!WEAPONS" or "!PLATS"). I have then categorized each sound into other folders with descriptive names based on the type of sound and the individual sound. If you are confused as to what sound is used for what, (or how the resulting customized pak file structure should appear in order to have all selected sounds become properly loaded and utilized by the game) I would recommend using PakScape or your chosen method of PAK file browsing to browse through the original Quake2 "pak0.PAK" file where all the original sounds are located and compare the two sounds to determine each sounds exact function. I have tried as best as possible to leave out the majority of loud sounds, which are often thought of as cheats, but a few were included here and there. Enjoy.

-all download files are in ZIP format-